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Corporate Responsibility

Strategy for Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility is part of our company’s work philosophy. Our commitment is to do the right thing, to act according to our values and principles every single day. We remain in a process of continuous improvement to guarantee sound performance in all social, environmental, and corporate governance issues.

Our Company invests consistently in the region, achieving a positive and sustainable impact in benefit of all our stakeholders: customers, associates, suppliers, community, and shareholders. The purpose is to ensure that we are generating value both for society and for the environment.

Our Corporate Responsibility Strategy is based on four priority lines:


In 2014 we updated our materiality study so as to align it with our Corporate Responsibility strategy. Said study brought to light 11 strategic material subjects, seven important ones, and two non-material issues, thereby helping to establish priorities and clear objectives during recent years.

In the defining of strategic objectives and designing concrete actions, we didn’t only use our internal viewpoint and experiences. We also considered the interests and experiences of our stakeholders and outside experts. A regular exchange with them is an important strategic priority for us, because in this manner we can create sounder foundations for making decisions. The dialog with them helps to identify their needs as pertains to our activities; approach important issues; and continuously test the objectives pursued, thus reinforcing the trust they have in our Company.

Our actions are evaluated by our stakeholders. These evaluations are an important source of motivation and they serve as a management tool because our progress can be better tracked and it becomes easier to identify areas of opportunity. These outside evaluations confirm that we are on the right path. For the first time we have been included in the FTSE4GoodEmerging Index, which has been recently created. In addition, for the fifth year in a row, we are members of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for Emerging Markets; we are also included in the Mexican Stock Exchange Sustainable CPI.


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