Our ambition is to drive a more circular economy, with closed material flows. Our efforts are aimed at avoiding the waste of resources and the need to send wastes from our operations to landfills.

Objectives 2020:

  • Zero deforestation: in the supply chain for the use of palm oil, paper and pulp
  • 100% renewable energy: reducing kwh/m2 energy use by 20% (2016 baseline).

Objectives 2025:

  • Zero waste: reducing food waste by 50% (2016 baseline).
  • Reducing GHG emissions by 18% (2015 baseline).
  • Wastes

    • 73% progress in Mexico to achieve objective of generating zero waste.
    • 50% progress in Central America.
  • Emissions

    • In 2017 we had an increase of 18% of scope 1 and 2 emissions, due to disruptions in supply energy from wind farms in Oaxaca after the September 7th earthquake.
    • We are in line with the goal established by Walmart Inc., to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Energy

    • We are the leading retail chain in the use of renewable energy.
    • 91% of our stores are supplied with renewable energy coming from six wind farms and 2 hydroelectric power plants.
  • Water

    • We continue working to preserve the quality and quantity of water availability; we have 1,046 treatment plants (756 in México and 290 in Central America).

Figures at the end of 2017