Corporate Responsibility Strategy

A company of our size has the opportunity and obligation to achieve a significant contribution to sustainable development. Therefore our aspiration is to create Shared Value; that is, to build a business that benefits all our stakeholders.

We want to be the most reliable retailer of which our customers, associates, suppliers, communities, and shareholders can be very proud. To achieve this we have anchored our Corporate Responsibility to our guidelines and, as a result, to our daily actions.

Consequently, we have created Shared Value 2030, the primary consideration for our Corporate Responsibility strategy, which will guide the Company throughout the next few years.

Our Corporate Responsibility Strategy is focused on the following priorities: 

  • Environment

    • Wastes.
    • Emissions.
    • Energy.
    • Water.
  • Social

    • Associates
      • Labor Standards.
      • Talent Development.
      • Health and Safety.
    • Suppliers
      • Responsible Sourcing.
      • Supplier Development.
      • Environmental Initiatives.
    • Community
      • Small Suppliers.
      • Food Security.
      • Valuable Neighbor.
      • Support during Natural Disasters.
  • Corporate Governance

    • Board of Directors.
    • Audit and Corporate Practices Committees.
    • Statement of Ethics.
    • Compliance Program.

Figures at the end of 2017

Awards and Recognition

    Bloomberg Gender-Equality index MSE FTSE4GoodEmerging ESR
  • Member of the Bloomberg Gender-Equality index for the first time.

  • Member of Mexican Stock Exchange Sustainability Index for the 6th consecutive year.

  • Member of FTSE4Good Emerging Index for 2nd Consecutive year.

  • Award for Corporate Social Responsibility, granted by Cemefi, for the 17th consecutive year.