Walmart's purpose is to save people money to help them live better focused on solving their pain points through an ecosystem that generates value in each of its components. We generate economic opportunities to strengthen local communities and seek a greater impact on social and environmental sustainability using our scale for good.


Convenient access to affordable, quality products and services


Strong long-term returns through financial, environmental, social and governance (ESG) leadership


Access to customers and support for supplier development and growth


Purpose-driven work; opportunity for good jobs and upward mobility


Resources for building stronger and more inclusive communities


Leadership in zero emissions, zero waste and our regenerative approach to nature

#Business partners

Access and understanding of engaged customers for our sellers, advertisers and ecosystem members

Aspiring to be a Regenerative Company

We are on the path to becoming a regenerative company, where nature and humanity are at the center of all our business practices.

Being a regenerative company means going beyond compliance and doing what is right to have a positive socioeconomic and environmental impact that contributes to recovering the health and well- being of people, communities, and the planet, creating shared value for our stakeholders and, therefore, for our business.