Opportunity: Our Talent

We work to provide our associates a healthy, diverse, and inclusive workplace. Through our ValueProposition for Associates (PRODI).

This is the place:


Where we have 
Purpose, where 
we care for the quality 
of life of all families 
in Mexico and 
Central America


Where every day
we have a Challenge
and reinvent ourselves


Where we find great
Opportunities, having
more than a job we
have a dream


Where we Enjoy
what we do
every day


Where Inclusion
and Diversity are
part of our culture,
letting you be
yourself 100%

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion


Our commitment is to create a workplace where everyone feels included and with opportunities to be themselves, grow and belong.

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Opportunity: Suppliers

We aim to promote a more inclusive supplier base that creates economic opportunity for individuals and their families. As well as innovation and local productive growth in the region, through better market access and training.


Responsible Sourcing


Local and Inclusive Supply Chain

Customer Centricity

Our customers and members are of the utmost importance to us. In order to provide them with the best service, we are constantly transforming ourselves and implementing actions to improve their shopping experience through continuous and empathetic listening. In line with the transformation strategy and with the objective of providing a better experience to our customers and members, the Customer Office was created in 2022 and focuses in four areas.


Customer Knowledge & Experience




Omnichannel Customer Care


Data Analytics & Product


We seek to create value in the communities where we operate, strengthening them through programs thathelp them prosper and providing safer, healthier, and higher-quality products and services.


Give access to our customers


Serve communities


Offer safe and healthy products and services


Support local communities